We are cuurios

The innovation accelerators

Innovation accelerators

We are experienced innovation accelerators that love to work on complex problems. We are passionate to explore, develop and deliver business solutions that utilize your data to its full potential.

Love pioneering

Start small, think big! We love to explore new business area’s and like challenges. We like to start a new relation with a proof of value project: low risk and direct value!

We want to know every bit

We don’t just do data analytics, we truly want to understand what your data is about. We want to experience your daily operations to make sure we understand where data analytics or artificial intelligence can add value.

Believe in technology

We will always try to inspire you with the opportunities of innovative software technologies. We love to help you with the selection of the technique that answers your question best!

Digitize and Streamline Operations

For a major oil and gas company we have designed and developed a cloud application that allows staff to share and alert critical operational information.

Text Analysis

For a prominent Dutch institution, we have developed text analysis application that help analysts select external reports with the highest priority.

Deep Learning

For an engineering firm, we have explored the potential of deep learning models for automatic image classification and recognition.

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