Stop thinking.
Start doing.

Let’s put your data into action. That’s what we set out to do.

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Why we exist:

At Cuurios we believe that the Big Data hype is exactly what is says it is: a hype. It’s main premise – the more data you’re collecting the better – results in corporations drowning in data. To put it bluntly: the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know and the less confident you are to act.

Technology developed by data giants like Google and Facebook promises to come to the rescue, but it’s like using a Formula 1 car on a public road: overengineered for the vast majority of companies trying to make sense of all their digital information.

Dashboard development doesn’t help either, because dashboards only analyze and present data. They can’t tell you what to do next. As a result, many corporations have come to resemble a brain overflowing with information, but without the neurological wiring that can prompt the physical body to action.

Nevertheless, we do believe
that data can be extremely valuable.

But: we found out that data shouldn’t be put center stage if you want to improve your business. You need to start analyzing your workflows first, and then look for relevant data that is insightful and helpful in improving these workflows and, in the end, your overall operations. That’s where the true value of data is to be found.

At Cuurios, we offer a software platform that optimizes workflows, for asset rich businesses specifically. Fueled by our trademark curiosity we delve into your company and your specific machinery and processes, resulting in a thorough understanding of your way of working. We then use that knowledge to unlock your data and configure our workflow optimization software to your unique situation.

Our platform seamlessly connects your people, machinery and actions with data, leading to more efficient operations.

Clients tell us that implementing our software feels like their data-congested brain finally gets the much-needed neurological wiring that prompts action. Finally, you understand what is happening. Finally, you know what to do next. Finally, you can act confidently.


The team:

"I’m proud that our team genuinely aims to deliver real value to our customers. No BS, we’re extremely proactive and focused."

Gaëtan Giraud

co-founder / CTO
"What I love about working at Cuurios is that it's a well organised start up holding a very diverse culture helping and encouraging us all to grow together."

Adyasha Mishra

Frontend Developer
"At Cuurios it’s part of our DNA to ask the right questions and to listen very carefully to our clients’ ideas and requirements. This enables us to deliver software solutions with a WOW factor: always take one step further."

Leen de Graaf

co-founder / CEO
"Cuurios creates an environment where I can really thrive, learn, and grow as fast as possible by facing challenges, a huge variety of tasks, being responsible but still getting all the support necessary."

Tamara Nagy

Tech lead
"Cuurios gives me that welcoming feeling: they highly regard my contribution and they grant me a lot of freedom to work on my own pace. Many companies make the same promises, but Cuurios actually delivers on it."

Marco D’Ippolito

Account Manager
"Cuurios is run by openminded managers who accept your ideas, count on you, and encourage you to make decisions and mistakes, along with phenomenal colleagues who support you, teach you, and guide you through the learning process."

Tina Rezanezhad

Frontend Developer
"Being part of the Cuurios team is a great experience. The team has a wide professional and cultural background, so we can approach an objective from several angles and choose the most effective one."

Lucas Dreher

Frontend Developer
"Honesty and Ownership are definitely the core values of Cuurios. Everything and everyone is transparent and honest, which creates a very healthy working environment. Cuurios also allows us to take ownership of very diverse kind of tasks, which creates growth opportunities and exciting challenges to tackle."

Lucille Ferachoglou

Implementation Manager
"What made me want to work at Cuurios was that it was clear that this team is full of passionate people, and who are dedicated and want to build together a useful product that optimizes the work of other companies."

Ilinca Trestioreanu

Software engineer
“In tech, there are companies that base their growth on hype for new technologies. And then there is Cuurios, showing everyone the healthier alternative for growth – providing substantial value to customers. That is why I love to work here.”

Karel Němeček

Sales representative
"I love that at Cuurios, customer-centric approach is at the core of our business. I am here to make sure our solutions work flawlessly and our clients get as much value from them as possible."

Rob Gijzen

Implementation Consultant

Digital workflow optimization for asset rich businesses.